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HI ! 👋

I’m Thomas, a 19 years old full stack developer from France.
It’s been 3 years already since I began developing stuff. My little particularity is that I’m a minimalist and I’m sure that it can be felt throughout my work and reflexions.

My studies 👨‍🎓

I’ve been studying computer sciences and development for 3 years now.
The first two years, I’ve been working in a startup called Transchain as an analyst developer. During this experience I’ve been developing a blockchain and apps that worked with it.
Year 3 was spent in a startup called Panora Soft where I was employed as a Software Engineer. We’ve been developing a bot for website scraping as well as a platform dedicated to conferential watch for campsites and HPAs.
Year 4 and 5 are on their way, and I am currently a full stack developer in a startup called Atlantide. Atlantide is currently developing a mobile game based on History which work a little bit like a real life escape game.

Entrepreneurship 🤝

Back in my high school years, I started to work as a freelance developer. In 2018, I created Pixelio, still as a freelancer but I’m also working with other freelancers. The main purpose of Pixelio is to help people act for change and initiate it by giving them all the tools they need to grow their projects.

Hobbies 🏈

Well, I do love a lot of stuff. I love sport, music, reading and writing, movies, series, etc. And on top of that, I love technology and computer science. I have created my very first website at the age of 9, and it was a revelation for me. It has never stopped.